How To Import Patients File Into Growth99+?

How To Import Patients File Into Growth99+?

Growth99+ provides two convenient methods for adding patients' data to the app:

1. Adding manually, one by one from the "All Patients" section under "Patients", by clicking the "+ Add New" section as shown below.

2. Importing an Excel file of patients' data manually to our Growth99 app.

This option can be utilized when one needs to add old records of the patients in bulk.
To import patient files, we need to follow a few things as the Growth99+ application is designed to accept Excel files only in a specific format, so it is important that we understand the intricacies of the format and the next important thing of "naming" the file. 

Step 1: 

First, we need to download the Excel file format by clicking on "Download sample file" in the pop-up that appears by clicking on "+ Add New".

After downloading the format, you need to add the patients' details accordingly under the respective column.

In the downloaded format, there will be some dummy data in the first two rows, remove the first two rows and add your real data.

There are a few points to note:
  1. The title of the columns needs to be exactly the same as mentioned above.
  2. The first four columns (i.e., "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", "Phone") are mandatory, and the other columns are optional.
  3. Enter only 10 digits in the "Phone" column. For missing phone numbers, our system will add 9999999999 automatically while importing the file.
  4. For numbers less or more than 10 digits, the patients will not get imported and you will receive a mail containing all the patients that have less or more than 10 digits in the phone section, you need to edit the numbers accordingly to make them 10 digits and import them again. If you don't have the correct number then delete that number and import keeping the phone field blank for those patients so that at least the emails get imported successfully. 
  5. For missing email id our system will add "" automatically while importing the file.  
  6. If we are adding the DOB, it should be in the mm-dd-yyyy format.
  7. In the excel file, we can't have multiple sheets, only a single sheet should be there with all the patients with their details.
  8. If you want to sort your patients with tags, you can add tags accordingly in the "Patients Tags" column; if the tag is not added already in the G99+ app, the system will create the tags in the patients' tags section while importing the patients and you can sort them accordingly.
  9. File format should be only " .xlsx " format.

Step 2: 

Once the file is ready, it's time to import it to the "Patients" dashboard.
I the "All Patients" page, you can see the "Import" option, click it.

Step 3:

You can import your file as shown below by selecting and uploading the file from your device.

Hit the "Upload" button after choosing the file.

Step 4:

Wait for a few seconds till the data gets uploaded, once done. You will see a message saying, "File uploaded successfully".
Now, refresh the patient page, and you can see your patients' data got uploaded there.

Step 5:

To seamlessly communicate with your imported patients, simply click on the "View Details" option in the 3 dots beside the desired patient, and navigate to their details page. There, you'll find convenient options to send emails or SMSs. Choose from our array of pre-designed templates, or craft personalized messages tailored to meet your specific requirements. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of reaching out to your patients effortlessly.



You can also send a mass email or SMS to your imported patients from our platform; click here  if you need assistance with that.

Thank you!

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