What Are Landing Pages?

What Are Landing Pages?

The admin panel of the Growth99+ application features some interesting and useful menus that business account users may explore and utilize to increase lead generation for their website. Let us learn how to access the "Landing Pages" menu and what is its utility.


To explore the "Landing Pages" menu, use your login credentials to access your Growth99+ business account. In the admin panel find the "Landing Pages" menu and click on it.


You will see several website pages that are dedicated to each of the services that your clinic offers. The blue "Preview" icon below every landing page allows you to see how the page appears on your business website.

The above image displays how the landing pages appear on your screen in your Growth99+ application. 

Utility Of Landing Pages Menu

The landing pages display the basic information of the service that they are dedicated to. There is also a contact form that allows website users to fill in their contact details and other information. Users who are interested in availing of the service can submit the contact form and business account users may contact them for further consultation.
The landing pages are a reliable and assured way of generating more leads for your business website. The Growth99+ application also allows you to keep a track of the source from where leads get generated.

Click on the "Leads" menu on the admin panel of your business account. 

You will be directed to a page that displays a pie-chart-like representation of the segregation of leads. You can check the number of leads that your website has generated from the landing pages menu.  Refer to the below image.

Informative and impressive landing pages help to attract more website users and increase the percentage of lead generation.

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