PatientNow integration with G99+

PatientNow integration with G99+

Now, you can easily have all your lead information that G99+ collects from various sources in your PatientNow account.

Here are the steps!

Step – 1

To send your Growth99+ leads to your PatientNow account, you need to ask for the parser email address from PatientNow.
The parser email will look something like below. 

Step – 2

 Now, you need to add your parser email address to your G99+ account. For that, log in to your G99+ account and click on "Form Builder".

Step – 3

Now, open each form or the selected forms you want to transfer the leads from and follow the process below.

Step – 4

Click on the "Notification" tab.

Click on "+ Create Notification" as shown below.

Step – 5

Now select the notification type as "Email".

Now, add the parser email address and click on save.

Step - 6

Now, all your G99+ leads will go to that parser email address from now on. 

You need to submit the G99+ form present on your website for testing and go to the "Lead Timeline" to check whether the email notification went to the parser email address or not.

To check the lead timeline, go to the "Leads" section and click on the test lead you just added. there go to the "Lead Timeline" tab beside "Lead details".


Step - 7

If you are not able to see the parser email address in the timeline, check the triggers.

Step - 8

Enable the trigger "Business Notification - Contact Form, Chatbot ,Facebook ,Landing Page, Manual and Virtual Consultation - Email" as shown below.

After enabling, recheck submitting the form and check the timeline again; you will see the parser email there in the lead timeline.

Now check your PatientNow account, you will be able to see the G99+ test lead you just added.

(Remember, the existing leads will not move, the new leads, received after the integration only, will start moving to your PatientNow account from G99+.)

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