Moving Twilio Phone Numbers From One Account To Growth99 Account

Moving Twilio Phone Numbers From One Account To Growth99 Account

To request this change, please gather the following information:

1. Phone Number(s): The full phone number(s) you wish to move.

2. WhatsApp Sender Enabled: Let us know if any numbers have a sender enabled on
them that need moving.

3. Owning Entity: The provider you purchased this number from (Twilio or ZipWhip).

4. Losing Account SID: The A/C SID for the account or subaccount that is giving up the
phone number. You can get this from your current service provider/vendor

5. Gaining Account SID: The AC SID for the account or subaccount that will be receiving
the phone number. One you choose to On-board with Growth99, contact our
support team to get a Twilio account created in your name. We will share the
Account SID once your account is created.

6. Approval from the losing account: (Your current service provider will need write in
to Twilio support approving this transfer. Alternatively, you can CC them on your
support ticket and have them reply approving the transfer. Here is how you can
contact Twilio Support yourself:

7. Approval from the gaining account: Like above, you can send an email to Twilio
keeping Growth99 support in cc asking for our acceptance approval.

8. Time frame: The requested time frame for the numbers to be moved (ASAP or later
date/time and please include a time zone).

Note: The numbers lose their existing configuration when transferred between accounts.
You will need to raise a support ticket with Growth99 with the configurations that you want
to reconfigure the numbers on the new account before they will work.

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