How To Configure The G99+ 5 Star Review Generator?

How To Configure The G99+ 5 Star Review Generator?

G99+ 5 Star Review Generator is the review and reputation tool in the Growth99+ application that gives us the flexibility to add 5 star reviews on your review page. This article discusses how to configure the G99+ "5 Star Review Generator" for the Growth99+ business accounts.


You will have to log in to their Growth99+ business account and click on the "Form Builder" menu.

There you will have the "G99 Review Form". To review it or to make any changes to the review form, hit the edit button beside it.

Click here and check from "STEP 4" to learn more on editing the review form.


Now go to the "Clinic" sub-menu under "Accounts & Settings".


Select the clinic for which you want to set up the G99+ 5 star review generator by clicking on the "blue icon" beside of the clinic name as shown below.


Click on the "5-Star Review Generator" tab on the clinic page


Fill in the "Google My Business, "Google Place Id", and/or  "Facebook URL" and/or "Yelp URL". Check the "Enable Review Manager" check box as well as shown below.

You can customize the fields "Widget Header", "Widget Description", "Button Text", "Positive Content", "Negative Content", "Select Review per page" and other review-related settings according to your preference, and then "Save" these details.


As soon as you save the review configuration, a new tab will appear in the "5 Star Review Generator" page as shown below.


Here you can fetch reviews from your Facebook, GMB or Yelp profiles, generate reports, schedule a time to get reports in your clinic notification email address on monthly basis and also edit the reviews accordingly if needed.

As soon as you click on "FETCH LATEST REVIEWS", the status will show as "INPROGRESS" as shown below. It will take about an hour or so to fetch all the reviews depending upon the number of reviews you have. 


When the fetching process will complete, it will show the status as "COMPLETED".



You will see a "Preview" button on the "5-Star Review Generator" tab at the top right corner of the page. 

Leads and customers can give their reviews about the business by clicking on the "Review Us" button.


You can generate monthly review reports here in the "Reports" tab by choosing the month and year accordingly as shown below.


If you want to automate receiving the review reports to your clinic notification email address daily, weekly or monthly, that can also be done here in the "Schedule Report" tab; refer the screenshot below.


Finally coming to the point why we call it as a 5-star review generator.

In our G99+ review tool, you can edit any review you received and hide any negative feedbacks or lower ratings accordingly.
Go to the "Edit Review" tab, you will find an edit button beside all the reviews. You can also search any particular review in the search box there to edit it.

Like below, you can edit the review and save it; the changes will reflect accordingly.

Click the "Hide" button as shown below if you wish to hide a review.

Thank You!