How To Edit An Appointment?

How To Edit An Appointment?

The Growth99+ app allows business account users to keep a track of all their pending and completed appointments. The "Appointments" feature helps business account users to manage the functioning of their clinic/business in a coordinated manner. 
Sometimes, due to changes in the patient's or the provider's schedule, the appointment may need rescheduling. It may also happen that the patient wishes to add or change the service for which they have made the appointment. This article explains in detail the steps to edit a patient's appointment.


Using your login credentials, access the Growth99+ admin panel. Under the menu of "Appointments" find the sub-menu titled "Booking History" and click on it. 


You will be redirected to a page that displays information about appointment bookings for the remainder of the week or the month, the number of pending appointments, a break-up of appointments for each service that the clinic offers, and so on.  Upon scrolling down you will come across a list of the latest appointments for the business account. A list of the patients' names is displayed as shown in the below image. Select the name of the patient whose appointment you want to edit, and click on the "blue icon" next to the patient's name.


You will see various data fields on the page where the clinic/doctor has to fill in the information about the patient's appointment. Here are the details that business account users can change for an existing appointment.

Service or Provider: A patient who has opted for Botox treatment earlier, may now want to undergo dermal fillers treatment as well. The details may be updated by choosing from the dropdown menu for the data field titled "Service". Patients may change the provider they want to get treatment from, by choosing from the dropdown menu for the "Provider" data field.

Nature Of Appointment: A patient may have initially chosen to meet with the provider in person for their appointment, but now they may want to meet virtually. These types of appointments may also be changed from "in person" to "virtual". A video call gets scheduled with the patient automatically.

Date & Timing: The Growth99+ app also offers a choice to change the date and timing of the appointment. This may be done if the patient's schedule changes or if the appointment coincides with the doctor's/provider's vacation or time off. 

Appointment Status: You can change the status of the appointment by selecting one of the options available in the drop-down of the data field titled "Appointment Status". The drop-down also has an option of canceling an existing appointment if the clinic or patient is not going to be able to make it.

Refer to the below image to see the data fields that may be edited.


Check the details that you need to change to ensure that they are correct. Remember to click on the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page to confirm all the changes that you make in the appointment.

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