How To Create Or Edit An Email Template For An Event?

How To Create Or Edit An Email Template For An Event?

Certain pre-configured emails are integrated with each new Growth99+ business account that gets created. The purpose of these emails could be the notification of new appointments to the business user, reminder emails to patients and doctors, or appointment cancellation and confirmation emails to name a few.

Growth99+ also offers a unique feature to notify the patients/clients if they need to sign any consent/questionnaire for the services they have chosen. In this article, we will discuss adding/editing an email for consent that is auto-sent to patients/clients on booking an appointment.


In the admin panel, you will find the "Templates" menu, within which you will find the option of "Email Templates". (CLICK HERE to read more about the email templates that the Growth99+ app offers)

In email templates, you will find a tab named "Event Templates"; you need to click there.

You will see a template for "Patient Appointment Consent Email" on the 2nd page of the list of templates; click the edit button beside it. 

You will be redirected to a page that looks like the one shown in the below image. You will find several options in the dropdown of the data field for "Event Name".

Let us discuss the purpose of each event name.

  1. Patient Registration Email- This email is already present in the business account and we recommend not make any changes to it without consulting the Growth99+ Support team. The purpose of this email is to notify the patient of the Growth99+ account created for them along with their login credentials. The Growth99+ app creates a patient access account for each new appointment, where the patient will find details such as appointment schedules, consents, questionnaires as well as the option to make payments.
The below image displays how a Patient Registration email sent to the patient will look like.

Here is a screenshot of the patient portal/patient-user login view created upon booking a new appointment.

  1. User creation email -This email is auto-sent to the new user/business owner or account admin when they are added to an existing business account. We recommend not making any changes to this email before consulting with the Growth99+ support team.
  2. The remaining events in the drop-down such as appointment confirmation/notification email to the patient, and the doctor and reminder emails are self-explanatory.


For the "Patient appointment consent email", you need to select "Appointment consent signing", as the event name. (CLICK HERE to learn how patients get assigned consent for the service they have chosen) Add the name for your email as well as a suitable subject line. Refer to the below image for precise details.


You can draft the email body based on merge fields/variables that are highlighted in the image below. Click on the variables you intend to use, to add them to the email body. Then select the variable and press CTRL+C, to copy the variable. Select the place in the email body where you want to have the variable and press CTRL+V. The variable is now in place, just the way you want it. For editing, always click on "Try Old Editor" and do all the editing.

Use only pre-defined variables that the above image highlights, in your template.

Click on the blue "Save" button without forgetting!

Note: Do not forget to use the variable named "consent" to ensure that the email will list out the services and the consents associated with them to the patient.

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