How To Create A Social Media Post Using Your Growth99+ Business Account?

How To Create A Social Media Post Using Your Growth99+ Business Account?

Some of the previous articles have discussed how to integrate the social media pages of your business with your Growth99+ business account (CLICK HERE to know more on this) and how to create labels for your social media posts. (CLICK HERE to know more on this)

Now let us get to know in a few easy steps how to create and add a new social media post from your Growth99+ business account. You can even assign the labels that you have previously created to the post before updating it on social media.


 Using your login credentials, access your Growth99+ business account and click on the "Social Media Manager" menu. To make a new social media post click on the sub-menu titled "Posts" from the dropdown.


 You will be directed to a page that will display all the previous posts created from your business account. If there are no previously created posts, the page will be blank. Click on the "Add Post" button on the top, right corner of the page to make a new social media post.


A new page appears on your screen with several data fields. The data fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory and you cannot proceed without filling them in. 

1. Hashtag- The first data field is to add a relevant hashtag that goes with your post. Choose something flashy, trendy, and impressive to allow your post to grab more eyeballs.
2. Labels- The next data field is for adding labels to your post. Select from the dropdown all the labels you have previously added, that suit the message your post wishes to convey.
3. Schedule Date- This data field is auto-filled with the date and time at which you create a new message. But you can manually change it to a time and/or date suitable to you.
4. Social Channel- This data field also displays a dropdown from which you can select the social media account where you want to post your message. The Growth99+ application allows you to create posts for Instagram and Facebook.
5. Post- This is the most important data field where you will have to type down the actual message you intend to post on your social media page. The message should be concise, informative, and have a suitable call to action.

There is an "Upload image" button below the data fields that allows you to add images to go with your post. Add images with size less than 1 MB; if you add images more than the specified size, your post will not get scheduled and you will get error message.

To save your message and post it on your social media page, click on the "Save" button.

See the below reference image where we have created a sample message to post on Facebook.

You can also use the "Post Calendar" sub-menu of the "Social Media Manager" to create new posts. (CLICK HERE to know how)


Go back to the main "Posts" page to see your message listed there. A few icons appear next to the post, among them is a "Approve" option with green checkmark. Click on the green checkmark icon to approve the post and to allow it to be visible on the social media page. Refer to the below image.


If you check the social media page of your business you will see that message along with any images you may have selected is posted on the page at the designated date and time. Refer to the below image to see how the post will look when it gets uploaded on Facebook.

You can visit your social media account to edit/delete any existing posts.

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