How To Create/Edit An SMS Template?

How To Create/Edit An SMS Template?

Sending an SMS is an effective way of communicating important information and messages. The Growth99+ app features a menu that allows business account users to send information about new appointments, lead notifications, details of appointment cancellations, and other data to their patients. 

Growth99+ has designed SMS templates with pre-defined variables for the convenience of their business account users. (CLICK HERE to know how to add newer SMS templates to old business accounts) New SMS templates can be created and customized to suit the individual requirements of business account users.

This article will discuss the SMS templates that Growth99+ offers and also the steps to create a new SMS template.


Use your login credentials to access your Growth99+ admin panel. Under the menu of “Templates” you will find a sub-menu titled “SMS Template”; click on it. Refer to the below image.


You will see a list of the SMS templates that have already been created for the business account. On the top right corner of the page is a blue button titled “Create Template”. Click on it to create a new SMS template.


You will see a few data fields that you need to fill in successfully create the SMS template. Let us see the importance of the data fields.

Module: The data field titled module is meant to determine the purpose of sending the SMS. The dropdown offers the option of selecting “Lead” as the module for all SMS templates. When a trigger is activated for a new lead, an SMS template is sent under the module of “Lead”

If you want to create SMS templates for patients then select the "Appointment" module.
And if you want to create SMS templates for mass SMS then select the "Mass SMS" module.

Target: The target is the recipient of the SMS, which may either be the patient or the doctor/clinic. If an SMS is being sent to inform of limited-period discounts, the target will be the patient. If an SMS is being sent to notify about a new lead, then the target will be the clinic/doctor. You can select the target of the SMS from the dropdown.

Name: In the data field “Name”, type the title that you wish to give the SMS. 

Body: The next data field is for the actual content that will be sent via SMS. Business account users may type the message that they want to appear in the template, in this data field. Above the data field for the body of the SMS are a few pre-determined variables appearing as blue-colored buttons. These variables are for data like the patient’s name, business name, patient’s gender, and clinic address to name a few.

Business account users are advised to use the available variables only while making a new SMS template, as all the relevant data of the patient and clinic gets auto-filled before sending out the SMS.

All the above-mentioned data fields are mandatory, and the SMS template will not be successfully created unless they are filled.

Now when you visit the main page of the SMS templates again, you can see the new template in the list of templates. 


To edit an existing SMS template, go to the main page where all the templates are listed. Choose the SMS template that you wish to edit by clicking on the "blue pencil icon" on the right side of each template.

You will be redirected to a page that displays all the data fields that we have discussed earlier in this article. You can make the desired changes in the data fields that you want and proceed to confirm the changes by clicking on the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page. 

Now, we can also create an identical template to any of the existing templates with just a single click; just like cloning any existing template. 
For that, we just need to click on the "Clone" button beside it.

If we click on it, the exact same template will get created at the top with the same name, just "-clone" will be added to the template name. Afterward, you can edit the template according to your wish, also you can change the name as well if you want.

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