How To Change The Sequence Of Services In The Public Appointment Booking link?

How To Change The Sequence Of Services In The Public Appointment Booking link?

Now you can change the sequence of the services in the appointment booking public link according to your choice.

Here are the steps!

Step – 1

Access your Growth99+ business account using your login credentials and select the menu titled "Account & Settings" and click on the sub-menu titled "Services".

Step – 2

The services page will open up. There you can see the present sequence of the services. The sequence there in the service page will appear the same on the booking page. 

To check the booking page, you can click the clinic URL above. There you can see how the services are appearing.


A click on the clinic URL will redirect you to the below appointment booking page.

Step – 3

Now, if you want to change the service sequence, suppose, you want to make "General" at the bottom and "Kybella" at the top, then go to the service page and follow the steps below.

You will see there are an upward and a downward arrow beside each service.

If you want to move a service upward, click on the upward arrow beside it and if you want to move a service downward, click on the downward arrow beside it.

Now, to move "Kybella" to the top, we clicked on the upward arrow once beside it.

Will see "Kybella" has moved above "Facials".

Now, again click on the upward arrow once beside it, and it will move above "General".

Repeat this process until "Kybella" reaches the top.

Step – 4

Now, to move "General" to the bottom, click on the downward arrow beside it.

It will move below "Facials" and reach the bottom.

To check it from the appointment booking page, refresh the clinic URL page or click on the clinic URL at the top of the service page as shown previously.

Your service re-sequencing is done!!