How To Apply Personalisation For Public Pages?

How To Apply Personalisation For Public Pages?

Every website has its unique theme which is usually a unique color combination or a specific font or a blend of both that gives an attractive appearance to the website. Growth99+ offers different public URLs such as chatbot, Virtual Consultation that can be integrated into the website, in order that the URLs blend with the website, the Growth99+ personalization page.

The public links, viz Booking Appointment links, Virtual Consultation, Contact Form have the submit button, and other data that need to match the website theme. The below image shows a screenshot of the virtual assessment feature with the "Default" theme/color.

Since this page/links open on a website, we use the "Business Personalisation" option in the business account to match the color codes.

Let's assume the website with the following theme, Navy Blue for submit button background (Google code 0F2642), Titles/content/text, and Button Foreground color as Pink (Google code E8B7B2)


To add or change the colors, login to the Growth99+ Account and under "Account & Settings", click on the business Menu.


If you click on the personalization tab, you will be redirected to the page that allows the selection of new themes.


Now, add the google color codes that have been mentioned earlier, in the designated fields as shown below.

Check the Preview Button on the right corner, this is the personalization that will appear on the website. To save this theme, click on the blue "Save" button as shown below.

Your Personalized public links are now ready.

In the below image for the Virtual Self Assessment (CLICK HERE to know how to use the virtual self-assessment/symptom composer feature)) feature, notice that the font colour is adjusted as per the new theme that is selected.

Read here to learn about application personalization.
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