How To Add New landing Pages, Email/SMS Templates Or consents To Any Business From Admin?

How To Add New landing Pages, Email/SMS Templates Or consents To Any Business From Admin?

The Growth99+ admin app hosts a templates library that consists of the email, and SMS templates along with the preconfigured triggers, landing pages, consent forms, etc., which are auto-integrated with every new business account that is added.  The Growth99+ team works on continuous improvement to the product, enhancing the application.

This however may cause some of the existing library data as redundant or outdated, or there could be new additions to the library that will get copied to all new businesses but missing in the older ones. To ensure that the existing business accounts don't miss out on the new data, such as the latest website templates or new email templates, the Growth99+ admin app offers the "Load Library" option.

Click below to check the library content.

CLICK HERE to know how to add a new SMS template to a business.

CLICK HERE to know about the various email templates available on the Growth99+ application.

CLICK HERE to know how to add consent forms for services.

Moving forward, the load library option is an easy option to "load" the latest files, templates, and consent forms to the existing/old business accounts en masse without having to manually add the templates to each business. 

To use the  "Load Library" function, follow the below instructions.


Login to the admin portal using your login credentials. The URL for the admin portal is

As you log in to the admin portal as the super admin, you will find the Load Library Data button on the top right corner.

Click on the "Load Library Data", and you will be redirected to the library page, select the data you wish to upload.

After selecting the data, click on the "Select business to upload library" option next and proceed to select the business/s you want to upload the selected data.

After selecting the business/s click on "Ok" to load the data successfully.

Here are some common questions that we have answered, regarding the use of the "Load Library" option.
Q. What if I want to only load landing pages to Business A, and only Consents (CLICK HERE to know how to add consent form for a service) to Business B?
A: In this case, we can select one business at a time and proceed with the same steps that are mentioned above.

Q. Will Load Library copy and duplicate the old data?
A: No. The load library feature will only copy data such as the landing pages that are present in the admin panel but not in the business account.

Q. Will Load Library overwrite or set to default the custom data in the business?
A: No. Any data that is customized, gets set to "custom" status automatically after any changes are made by the user. Such data will neither be overwritten nor will be restored to default.

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