How To Add Consent Forms For Services?

How To Add Consent Forms For Services?

Informed consent has become an integral part of various cosmetic and medical procedures. Growth99+ has developed informative and easy formats of consent forms for certain services that clients commonly choose. Consent forms of respective services are sent via email to patients the moment they choose that particular service.

Let us now learn in a few easy steps, how to add a consent form and how to assign it to a specific service. (CLICK HERE to know how to add a new consent to an existing business account from admin)


Use your login credentials and access the admin panel on the left side of the page. Click on  "Templates". In the drop-down, you will see the option of "Consents" as highlighted in red in the below image. You will see all the consents that have been added to the admin panel.


Refer to the above image to find a blue "Create Consent" button on the top right of the screen. Click on it to add a new consent form. You will be directed to a page that looks like the one in the below image.

Enter the name of the service for which you want to create a consent form, and type the words "consent form" after it. In the tab titled "body" start typing the information, you want to add to the consent form. Alternatively, you may copy the consent from a previously created file and paste it in the "body" tab.



The below image shows a sample consent form added for the Botox service. The tags marked in red display details like business name, clinic name, and clinic address, and patient's name and signature. It becomes easy for patients to fill these forms when such tags are made available.

(CLICK HERE to learn how to assign consent to a patient)


The consent form in the above image is for Botox treatment. To add it to the respective service, the option of "Botox" is chosen from the "Services" page, by clicking on the blue icon on the right side of the column for Botox.


You will be directed to a page that looks like the one given in the below image. In the consents field, select the "Botox Consent Form" option. Type or paste the information for the consent form and click on the "Save" icon on the left bottom of the page to retain all the information you added.

Whenever Botox service gets booked, all the relevant information gets pulled and added to the tags to make the consent form look like the image shown below.

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