How to edit the additional personalized field in the appointment booking form?

How to edit the additional personalized field in the appointment booking form?

Now you can edit the additional field in the appointment booking form and make it whatever you wish. There you might ask for the patient's DOB/address/notes or anything according to your choice.

Here are the steps!


Here is the screenshot of your appointment booking form at present.


Now, if you want to change the additional field pointed out above, go to your "Clinics" page.


Now click on the edit button beside your clinic.



Now click on "Clinic Configuration".


There you will see the option "Notes Label". the text within the box refers to what you want your patient to fill there. For example, you might want to ask for Address instead of Additional notes. You can edit that accordingly.


Edit the text present in the textbox and add any other field name accordingly. Here we added the address field as shown below.


You can also make this field mandatory from optional if you want by checking the checkbox beside it.


Now click on "Save"


To preview the form, you can click on the quick link in your app as shown below. You will be redirected to your booking page. There choose any service, date, and time to proceed further. 

At last, you will see the booking form. There in the email address field, enter a unique test email address that is not anyway linked to your business.  


As soon as you enter the email address, the other fields will appear with the personalised one as shown below.

Same way, you can add anything you want by editing that additional field.

Thank You!

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