How To Create/Edit An Appointment Using The Calendar Feature?

How To Create/Edit An Appointment Using The Calendar Feature?

The previous article discusses the different ways for patients to book an appointment with a particular business account user (CLICK HERE to read the article). It is convenient for clinics/doctors to have all these appointments listed down in one place, so as to maintain a record of their schedule. The Growth99+ app offers a menu to business account users that allows them to view all their appointments and also use get information on the services and providers for whom the appointment is booked.

This feature is available under the sub-menu of "Calendar" under the "Appointments" feature.

All the appointments that are booked from the clinic link and from the individual provider link are visible in the calendar, in a manner similar to Google Calendar that marks the appointment schedule for the Google account user. However, with the calendar feature of the Growth99+ app, we can go a step further and even book an appointment for patients who are unable to book their own appointments online.

We can assume a case where the patient is an elderly individual who may be unfamiliar with technology or a patient who simply dials the clinic front desk and asks for an appointment. (To know more on how to process payments from the clinic for such patients CLICK HERE). So let's check how the calendar enables appointment booking in such cases.


Login to the account and under the menu "Appointments", click on the sub-menu titled "Calendar".


From the drop-down menu for service and provider select the option "All". This will display all the appointments that are booked for the day/week for all the available providers and services in the clinic. There is an option of viewing the calendar of a specific day, a  week, or even a month. If the slot asked by the patient is open, click on the time slot under the day/date.


The below image highlights the slot for October 6th at 12 P.M. To book an appointment for the patient for this time slot just double click on it.


An appointment card as shown in the below image will appear on your screen. Enter the patient details in the appointment card along with the service and provider, and click on the "Save" button.  The data fields that are marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. The patient will receive an appointment confirmation email with the selected date and time with the provider's name.

If the patient wishes to book an appointment with a particular provider, select the provider's name and check if the time slot requested by the patient is available. If the slot is not available, the patient may opt for other available timeslots for the provider of their choice.

There is also a "Go to Patient details" button on the edit appointment page of the calendar booking pop up which redirects to the patient's details page.

The below image shows the appointment booked for Doctor S for the service "Botox".


To edit an existing appointment, double-click on the appointment. You will again see the previous data fields that first appeared while creating the new appointment. You can change the details like the type, date, or timing of the appointment, or even the details of the service or the service provider.


There is a "Go to Patient details" button as shown in the above image, by clicking it you will be redirected to the patient details page.


You can also edit an existing appointment from the "Booking History" page under the "Appointments" menu.

From the "Booking History" page, click on the edit button beside the appointment you want to edit.

The below page will open up where you can edit the appointment.  

There is also a "Go to Patient details" button as shown in the above image, by clicking it you will be redirected to the patient details page.

Note: If you are booking an appointment for any existing patient (a patient whose details along with the email address are already listed in the "Patients" section) through the calendar, then you don't need to add all the details to the appointment card. For those, you just need to add the first name. Then as you click on the "Last Name" text box, the last name will get fetched automatically and will be shown as an option, which if you feel is ok, you need to click.

As soon as you click on the last name, the other details will get populated automatically

If multiple patients are available with the same first name, then if you click on the last name text box, it will show all the last names which have that same first name.

From there you need to choose the respective last name for whom you are trying to book. then it will auto-populate the other details for that respective patient.

If you want to add appointments by only adding the phone number or the email address, that is also possible here. Just add either of them, if the patient exists in your patient list, it will auto-populate other details instantly. 

You can also book an appointment from the patient's page for any existing patient.

For that, click on "Patients" as shown below.

The list of all the patients will appear. Click on any patient for whom you want to book the appointment.


The patient details page will appear. Then click on the "Appointments" tab and followed by, click on "Add Appointment".

The below pop-up will appear. 

Now, fill in the required fields to book the appointment.

Do not forget to click on the blue "Save" button to confirm all the changes that you have made to the appointment.
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