How To Hide Menus For A Business Account?

How To Hide Menus For A Business Account?

The admin panel displays a list of menus that are offered on the platform of Growth99+. Data including templates for notification Emails and SMS, landing pages, and features like chatbot and symptom composer can be accessed from the admin panel.

The available data is automatically integrated with every new business that is created. However, every business may not opt for all the services offered on the platform. In such a case, the menu for which the business is not availing of any services will be hidden on their profile.

The keywords menus/menus-config can be used with the URL in such a case.

Let us use an example where a business user is not signed up for the chatbot (CLICK HERE to learn how to customize your chatbot feature) and the appointment calendar.

Here are the steps to hide these features for the business account which has not availed them.


Use admin access to login into that particular business account. 


Click on the search bar where the URL ends and type “/menus/menu-config” ahead of it, without any space in between.


You will be directed to a page like the one below, which has a drop-down menu. Select your role as admin to proceed.


You will be taken to another page that looks like the one shown below. You will see all the selected menu for that particular business account on the page.


Select the menu you want to delete and click on the blue garbage "bin icon".

            A.  To remove the whole chatbot section, click on the bin icon next to the main chatbot menu and not any of the subsections of the main menu.

           B.  For deleting only particular subsections of the main menu, click on the "bin icon" mentioned next to their names.

Eg: If a business has not availed of the calendar service in the appointment menu, click on the blue bin icon next to the word calendar, and not the one next to the word appointment. (CLICK HERE and learn more on the functioning of the Appointment Calendar)

Refer to the below image for more details.


Delete the previously typed keywords "/menus/menu-config " from the URL in the search bar and refresh. Your changes will reflect in the business account now.

NOTE: 1. Only those with user access (main user/support user) to the business account can make these changes.

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