Growth99+ Account Personalization

Growth99+ Account Personalization

The business personalization option in Growth99+ as discussed previously (Read Here) helps in ensuring that the public URLs such as the contact form, Virtual Consultation, chatbot, etc match the website theme. In this article, we will discuss the other personalization option available inside your Growth99+ account, that you might have already noticed and been curious about.

Login to your Growth99+ account and open the "business" page under the menu "Account & Settings".

On the business page, click on the "Personalization" tab and there you will find the section called "Theme for Public Url".

Under the palette box that says "Background Button Color", add the Google Hex Code you want to apply. We have chosen "7ED321" as the background color.
The same way, you can change foreground Button or title color.

Click on "Save" to save the personalization if you are satisfied with the new theme, it can be previewed at the right corner of the page.


Your new theme is now successfully applied! 

1. You may have noticed that the foreground color has not been applied to the application, this is due to the fact that the foreground color is restricted from personalization to avoid the text appearing as "Blank" due to wrong color selection.
2. The application personlaization applied will not conflict with the publix URLs/pages. The application personalization is applied only for the internal app user theme.
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