G99+ Media Library

G99+ Media Library

As we all know, the G99+ app offers a nice feature, social media post creation, scheduling, and posting. Now we can also upload and keep all our required images in a secured folder in G99+; that's the "Media library". We can add images to our posts by uploading images from the media library as and when needed. 

Here are the steps!


 Using your login credentials, access your Growth99+ business account and click on the "Social Media Manager" menu. Now click on the sub-menu titled "Media Library" from the dropdown.


You will see the below page; to add images, you first need to add the tags, so click on "Add Tags".

As soon as you click on "Add Tags", you will be redirected to the below page; click on "Add Tags" again as shown below.

Now, add the desired tag name and click on save.


Now, go back to the "Media Library' page and click on "Add Image".


You will see the page below, now choose the tag, and upload the desired image; remember the image size needs to be less than 1MB.

After the image gets uploaded, hit the "Save" button.


You will see your image appears in the list.

There you can see download buttons beside each uploaded image. By clicking the download button, you can download the images at any time according to your requirements and use them if needed.



When you will create a post, you will get an option saying "Select from Library" as shown below. By clicking that button you can add the image to your post from the media library.

Thank You!