Email Templates

Email Templates

Growth99+ aims at reducing the communication gap and efforts between business users who offer services, and the clients who avail said services of these businesses. To facilitate easy communication, the Growth99+ app offers several email templates which are suitable for exchanging important messages. Each of these templates may be customized to include details of the business user or client. 

Here, we will discuss the various modules and variables for the emails as well as editing options to modify their content.

Before we understand each module in detail, it is important to understand the structure and the terms associated with the email templates.

The email templates page has a list of emails that are marked under the title "Modules". Here, the word module indicates the purpose for which the email is being sent; which could be a lead notification, a new event, an appointment confirmation/cancellation, or a mass email to name a few.
While creating a new email template, you will have the option to choose a relevant module. 

There are 5 types of modules

1. Leads
2. Appointment
3. Event
4. Form
5. Mass Email

  1. Whenever a trigger is created for a new lead, the "Leads" module is used to send emails. Such emails are sent to clients who submit the contact forms on a landing page. (CLICK HERE to read more on lead modules)
  2. Emails are sent using the "Appointment" module when a trigger for new leads is coming from the chatbot or appointments.
  3. The "Event" module facilitates sending an auto-email for notification of a new appointment, appointment confirmation or cancellation, appointment reminder to patients and doctors, as needed. (CLICK HERE to read more on the event module)
  4. "Form" module is used to send customized emails to clients. This module is useful to send various types of questionnaires, like feedback forms to clients via an auto email. (CLICK HERE to read more on the form module)
  5. "Mass Email" module is used for creating an email template for a mass email to your leads, patients, or both.
Variables/Merge Fields

Every business account may need customized data depending on its requirements. Growth99 provides the option of customizing all email templates, pre-configured as well as newly created. These can be edited to add more details as per the specifications of the clinic/business account users. 
Some clinics may want to use a signature greeting in every auto-generated email that is sent to a new lead. Making these changes in each lead email that is sent is quite a tedious task. 

Here is an easy solution to complete this task with minimal effort!

Here is how you can save your time:

  1. Create a template with all the variables available just above the mail body.
  2. Click on the required variable, which will bring it to the mail body.
  3. Select the variable and press CTRL+C, then choose the desired location for the variable and press CTRL+V.
Refer to the below image for more clarity. All the blue rectangle-shaped menus seen below the "Is Custom" check box are the pre-defined variables that you can choose from. Please ensure that you only choose from the below variables only. For editing, always click on "Try Old Editor" and do all the editing.

Now, we can also create an identical template to any of the existing templates with just a single click; just like cloning any existing template. 
For that, we just need to click on the "Clone" button beside it.

If we click on it, the exact same template will get created at the top with the same name, just "-clone" will be added to the template name. Afterward, you can edit the template according to your wish, also you can change the name as well if you want.

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